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Sofus Grum-Schwensen
Sales & Product & Marketing Expert

Ex-Trustpilot Ex-Logiva

I help marketing teams in executing data-driven go-to-market strategy and run high converting webshops

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I apply proven DTC and B2B growth strategies to execute faster and achieving the business goals. 


Start-ups, Scale-ups, and SaaS references

#Global Market Leader in the Health Tech Space
#Scale-Up #DTC / B2B


#1 B&O retailer in Denmark


Sofus brought creative thinking and customer insight to Trustpilot, and rapidly executed game changing services that dramatically increased our core KPI´s and thereby enabling Trustpilot´s massive growth..

Sofus has been a key-player on the innovative Trustpilot team. Without his idea generation & product development, Trustpilot wouldn’t be what it is today. The way he solved the challenge of making it easier for companies to collect reviews was amazing.

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Sofus Grum-Schwensen
Scale Up & Performance Marketing

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